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I remember these “New Twilight Zone” episodes so vividly.  It's marvelous that they're appearing on Youtube.  Here:  Let Cliff deYoung show you what a professional actor can do.

“He's a nice man, Mommy…”

“I wondered - how it would have been.  And I guess I wondered myself here…”

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[For my friend [ profile] bobby1933, who remembers when the lamps were smashed out all over Europe.]

        …  It is no good using hard words among friends about the past, and
        reproaching one another for what cannot be recalled.  It is the future, not
        the past, that demands our earnest and anxious thought.  We must recognize
        that the Parliamentary democracies and liberal, peaceful forces have
        everywhere sustained a defeat which leaves them weaker, morally and
        physically, to cope with dangers which have vastly grown.  But the cause of
        freedom has in it a recuperative power and virtue which can draw from
        misfortune new hope and new strength…

        - W Churchill, 1874 - 1955

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                “We have nothing to hide, and have many achievements we wish to share with

                “The war ended a long time ago.  We're asking that you give us the chance
                to show you how sincere we are, in wanting to bring the Cold War to a close
                too.  The Führer wants only peace, and friendship.

                “Isn't that what everyone wants?”

„Protektorat Europa” )

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        Tolling for the nameless, nailed up on the crooked cross
        An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing…

        - B Dylan

* Sigrid & Marina are both married.  Ask me how I know that:  Their dirndl skirts are tied at the left side.  Were they tied at the center, they'd be schoolgirls; at the right, single and potentially available.  [Tied at the back, they're waitresses.]

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A sequence from Walt Disney's Fantasia (1940) - it was animated, scored, finished - then cut, and never seen…

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A marvelous little mood piece that fits its music perfectly - of course.

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My paleontologist friend John says,

“As a fan of all things dinosaur-related, one of the things that has always intrigued me is why nobody has made a movie of Xenozoic Tales by Mark Schultz… .[It] definitely deserves to be a live-action movie in one form or another…”

So, let us summon our chronosynclastic infundibulum and send it spinning like a time tornado among the various worlds of If. Ah, here we are…

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So - what did moviegoers see, there in what Forrest J Ackerman called, “The Realm of Unwrought Things,” the world where films got made that in our reality never did, or never got far?

The best way - the only way, really - to show what might have been, is to show what was: What Joe Johnston and Bill Campbell (and James Horner) did with the title that WAS picked, the film that WAS made…

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Bad marketing (and bad timing) sank this at the box office, though it has picked up a cult following since and there are even rumors that Disney will try again with yet another “reboot” project.

But I'd like to see Touchstone Pictures' Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1991), just to see how it turned out.

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“July 20, 1948 - the National Council on Astronautics, or NCA, has been brought into being.”

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“For the eyes of the entire world now look into space - to the realms of low and high Earth orbit, to the Moon, to Mars and the other planets - and to the stars beyond.

“And we have determined that we shall not see any of it governed by the hostile flag of a repressive regime, but by a flag of freedom, peace, and of boundless enterprise born of exploration for the sake of all mankind…”

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A recent post by a friend reminded me of an alternate-history angle that I want to use somewhere - what if Robert E Howard, storyteller with a photographic memory and experienced at Texas roughneck life in general and boxing in particular, had been tapped to cover the Spanish Civil War as a correspondent? For, like, money, y' know? (Hey, this was the 1930s. Times wuz tough.)

The problem is, the Spanish fracas started about one month after he'd put a bullet through his head. But the Italian invasion of Ethiopia was a going thing, and he might have gone there. (That would actually be more plausible; he'd be sent instead of the Hugh Jeego types who couldn't be bothered with such piffle.)

That would have changed the course of his life, and I seriously doubt he'd have died when (and how) he did.

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“In the years after the war, country after country of the old Europe became part of the vast Nazi empire of das Grossdeutsches Reich…” - 'Fatherland'

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